For home control, the Control Panel’s built-in Z-Wave radio module allows controlling and monitoring various home automation devices such as lighting, locks, heating, and air conditioning. The Z-Wave
radio module can also activate Z-Wave remote alarm sirens.

Setup and control of Z-Wave devices is accessed by pressing the SERVICES button and using the Manage Z-Wave Devices Screen. This screen displays buttons for controlling various Z-Wave devices and a button to access the Z-Wave toolbox.

2GIG GO Control Panel screen with Services Button

Z-Wave setup is performed using the Toolbox. Access the Toolbox using the following steps:

  1. From the Manage Z-Wave Devices Screen, press the TOOLBOX button.
  2. Enter the Master User Code. If enabled, only the Master User Code (or the Installer Code) can be used to access the Z-Wave Toolbox.

2GIG GO Control screen with  toolbox button

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  1. Ethan February 24, 2014 Reply

    Thanks for sharing this post! Home automation has become more and more popular. It’s great that it’s now being simplified and organized to include tablet application.

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